About AmeriMaidan

I am a writer, reporter, DJ, photographer and political observer. I live in Virginia. I am working on a novel. I have been outraged about Donald Trump for a long time and I have finally reached acceptance. I don’t know how long I will try this little experiment. If it gets any traction — and someone helps me with bumping up bandwidth capacity — I will keep doing it.

Otherwise, I will just do this when I feel like it.

If anyone, anyone at all, helps me in any way, I will definitely keep going with great gusto. Though I would like at least a three month commitment so I can plan.

I am inspired by the old Gawker.com and Spy Magazine, not to mention ROKon Magazine which I founded myself with a young lady named Annie Shapiro.

The name is reference to EuroMaidan, a popular uprising that took place in Ukraine and brought down a corrupt, Russian-oriented government.

Shelton Bumgarner
migukin (at) gmail.com